Degree Pharmacy Second & Fourth Semester Exam June 2010

15-Jun-10   240003-Pharmaceutical Chemistry- IV
16-Jun-10 220002-Pharmaceutics – II 240002-Forensic Pharmacy - I
17-Jun-10 220003-Pharm Chemistry II 240001-Dispensing Pharmacy – I
18-Jun-10 220004-Anatomy Physiology & Health Education –II 240004-Pharmaceutical Analysis- II
19-Jun-10 220005-Pharmacognosy - I 240006-Pharmacognosy – III
21-Jun-10 220006-Physical Pharmacy 240005-Pharmacology – I
22-Jun-10 220001-Applied Mathematics (Biostatistics)  

Degree Engineering & PDDC Second Semester Exam June 2010

15-Jun-10 110001-Chemistry         110011-Physics X20001-Mathematics-2
16-Jun-10 110002-Communication Skills X20601-Surveying
X20901-Circuits and Networks
X21101-Electrical Engineering
X21901-Electrical Machines & Electronics
17-Jun-10 110003-Computer Programming and Utilization X20602-Construction
X20902-Electrical Measurement I & II
X21102-Digital Logic Design
X21902-Kinematics of Machines
18-Jun-10 110004-Elements of Civil Engineering X20603-Structural Analysis- I
X20903-Electrical Machines I & II
X21903-Mechanical Measurement & Metrology
19-Jun-10 110005-Elements of Electrical Engineering  
21-Jun-10 110006-Elements of Mechanical Engineering  
22-Jun-10 110007-Environmental Studies  
23-Jun-10 110009-Mathematics-II  
24-Jun-10 110010-Mechanics of Solids  
25-Jun-10 110013-Engineering Graphics  

Degree Engineering Fourth Semester Exam June 2010

15-Jun-10 140001-Mathematics-4 141401-Food Nutrition & Biochemistry
16-Jun-10 140002-Management-1  
17-Jun-10 140401-Molecular Biology Andgenetics 140501-Physical And Inorganic Chemistry
140601-Advanced Surveying 140701-Microprocessor And Interfacing
141301-Design Of Environmental Structure 141402-Food & Industrial Microbology
141601-Data Communication And Networking 141801-Fundamentals Of Ship Structure
141903-Engineering Thermodynamics 142101-Transport Phenomena In Materials Processing
142201-Mining Machinery- 1 142301-Basic Plastics Processing And Thermal Engineering
142401-Electro Mechanical Energy Conversion.- 1 142501-Heat Power Engineering
142601-Rubber Compounding Materials 142801-Manufacturing & Applications Of Polymeric Materials
142901-Yarn Manufacturing-II  
18-Jun-10 140101-Aircraft Structure-1 140201-Mechanics Of Deformable Bodies
140402-Basic Taonomy And Techniques 140502-Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics -I
140602-Building Construction 140702-Operating System
140902-Electrical Power 141101-Advance Electronics
141302-Environmental Sciences-II 141403-Materials & Manufacture Of Food Equipment
141901-Mechanical Measurement & Metrology 142102-Principles Of Extractive Metallurgy
142202-Basic Mine Surveying 142302-Plastics Industrial Hydraulics And Pneumatics
142602-Natural Rubber Science And Technology 142802-Fiber Physics
19-Jun-10 140102-Aerodynamics-1 140301-Life Science-2
140403-Principles Of Process Engineering-I 140503-Process Heat Transfer
140603-Structural Analysis-2 140703-Object Oriented Analysis Design And Uml
141303-Chemical Engineering Processes 141404-Technology Of Grains
141701-Control Theory 141902-Kinematics Of Machines
142103-Mechanical Behaviour And Testing Of Materials 142203-Geology-2
142303-Enterpreneurship And Creativity 142603-Rubber Engineering
142803-Yarn Preparation & Weaving 142903-Textile Processing-II
21-Jun-10 140104-Fundamentals Of Aeronautics 140202-Fundamentals Of Automobile Systems
140302-Physiological Measurement Techniques 140404-Food Science And Bio Technology
140504-Fundamental Chemical Engineering Calculations & Stoichimetry 140605-Advanced Strength Of Materials
140704-Object Oriented Concepts And Programming 140904-Energy Systems
141102-Communication Engineering 141304-Water Pollution & Control
141405-Principles Of Food Engineering 141501-Productivity Engineering
141702-Transducers 141802-Basic Ship Structure And Construction
141904-Non – Conventional Energy Sources 142002-Basic Mechatronics
142104-Metallurgy For Non-Metallugists 142204-Mineral Transport Engineering
142304-Plastics Packaging Technology 142402-Fundamentals Ofpower Electronics
142502-Fundamentals Of Quality Management 142604-Introduction To Rubbers & Rubbery Materials
142805-Elements Of Textile Processes  
22-Jun-10 140103-Aircraft Systems And Instruments 140604-Engineering Geology
142001-Kinematics And Dynamics Of Machines 142804-Scouring And Bleaching- II