Diploma Pharmacy First & Second Year Exam May 2010

19-May-10 420001-Pharmaceutics - II 410001-Pharmaceutics - I
20-May-10 420002-Pharmaceutical Chemistry - II 410002-Pharmaceutical Chemistry - I
21-May-10 420003-Pharmacology & Toxicology 410003-Pharmacognosy
22-May-10 420004-Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence 410004-Biochemistry & Clinical Pathology
24-May-10 420005-Drug Store & Business Management 410005-Human Anatomy & Physiology
25-May-10 420006-Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy 410006-Health Education & Community Pharmacy

 Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering Technology  First & Second Year Exam May 2010

19-May-10 510001-Food Production - I 520001-Food Production - II
20-May-10 510002-Food and Beverage Service - I 520002-Food and Beverage Service - II
21-May-10 510003-House Keeping - I 520003-House Keeping - I
22-May-10 510004-Front Office Operation - I 520004-Front Office Operation - II
24-May-10 510005-Business & English Communication - I 520005-Business & English Communication - II
25-May-10 510006-Basic Hotel Accounting 520006-Food & Beverage Management
26-May-10 510008-Hygiene and Nutrition 520007-Principles of Management
27-May-10   520008-Hotel Law
28-May-10   520010-Human Resource Management

MBA- Sem-II Regular And Evening

21-May-10 820001-Cost and Management Accounting (CMA)
22-May-10 820002-Environment for Business (EFB)
24-May-10 820003-Financial Management (FM)
25-May-10 820004-Human Resource Management (HRM)
26-May-10 820005-Marketing Management (MM)
27-May-10 820006-Production and Operations Management (POM)
28-May-10 820007-Research Methodology and Operations Research (RM&OR)
27-May-10 810004-Managerial Communication (MC)
28-May-10 810007-Quantitative Analysis (QA)