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A message from your Vice Chancellor



To:  All the post-graduate students and professors of GTU   


Welcome to the portal for the Course web-sites for GTU's post-graduate courses.

     GTU offers Master's programs at more than 220 Colleges all over Gujarat to about 25,000 students.

     Any educational system at any level has to attempt to nurture the natural instincts of enquiry in a student so that she is able to use her intellect creatively to enrich our world with innovative thinking. A Master's program is specifically designed so that a student may be able to formally learn the processes of scientific research and methods of rigorously critical thinking. Hence such programs are of great importance for a society, which wants to bootstrap into an intellectually healthy society after a few centuries when our contribution to the world of knowledge had become negligible. At Universities, the post-graduate programs are considered to be so important that every University specifically recognizes and designates post-graduate teachers.

   We, at GTU, have to ensure that the learning outcomes of our post-graduate students are comparable with those of a similar student, anywhere else in the world. Every one associated with post-graduate teaching at GTU has to continuously evaluate the post-graduate teaching processes to ensure that there are no 'hidden corners' in our systems, where intellectual sloth or decay can set in.

   Learning Management Systems are being used by every single University teacher in the developed world, since it provides a powerful tool to the faculty members as well as their students to enhance their learning processes. During this semester, for each one of its post-graduate teachers, GTU is launching more than 2000 Course web-sites, based on moodle1. I expect that every post-graduate teacher, associated with GTU, will use this tool effectively so that at the end of the semester, she can herself say that the learning outcomes in her post-graduate teaching have improved.

Let us work together to make this Swarnim year of Gujarat a great academic year at GTU.


Dr. Akshai Aggarwal



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