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"About Patents Filed, Book Publications and Grants Received by you: All Principals, Professors and students of Colleges associated with GTU are requested to provide complete details about the (i) patents filed by them, (ii) book publications, (iii) publication of research papers, (iv) research grants and (v) awards and honours, received by faculty or students. Please send the information to achievements@gtu.edu.in so that it may be published on our website"

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Research Paper Published By GTU PG SCHOOL :
     2011-2013 ITSNS Branch Students
     2011-2013 VLSI & ESD Branch Students
     2011-2013 WiMC Branch Students
     2012-2014 ITSNS Branch Students
     2012-2014 VLSI & ESD Branch Students
     2012-2014 WiMC Branch Students
     2013-2015 ITSNS Branch Students
     2013-2015 VLSI & ESD Branch Students
     2013-2015 WiMC Branch Students


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