-:Reports :-

07-10-2015 Report: National Day Celebration of Armenia, Peru, Canada and Philippines in presence of H. E. Mr. Armen Martirosyan, Ambassador of Armenia to India; program organized by GTU's Post-Graduate Research Centre for Global Business Studies on 13th September, 2015
27-10-2014 REPORT: Flash Venture Workshop to sensitize 1st and 2nd Year students about the objectives of the GTU’s first of its kind program of permeating Design Thinking in all disciplines of Engineering
20-10-2014 REPORT: Innovative Students’ Co-Creation Award for Leadership and Excellence (i-SCALE): Details of the last set of Awards
20-10-2014 REPORT: Media applauds CrowdFunding efforts of GTU's Student Start-up Support System
14-10-2014 Report - National Day Celebration of China, Germany, Malta and Chile
13-10-2014 REPORT: All the 680 Final Year students showcase their Final Year Projects for evaluation by industry professionals at Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidyalaya, Vallabh Vidyanagar at the Poster Fair, organized by Professors J N Jain and Sunil Bakhru under the leadership of Dr F S Umrigar
13-10-2014 REPORT: Design Engineering at 3rd Semester of BE: 97 Mech Engg students participate in a workshop using 4-Canvas Design-thinking process; conducted by Prof. Nishant Patel at SVBIT, Vasan, Gandhinagar
13-10-2014 REPORT on Microsoft Azure Training Session for Start-ups in ICT space to help Student Start-ups during its early stage
13-10-2014 REPORT: Success in obtaining seed-funding for two student projects through CFI
13-10-2014 REPORT: Ideation Workshops based-on Design-Thinking conducted in all the departments of Universal College of Engineering & Technology by using students and Faculty Members, who had participated in similar workshops at GTU
05-10-2014 REPORT: Third Annual Sankuls day 2014 and Pedagogica​l and i-SCALE Awards 2014
04-10-2014 REPORT: Workshops with one College at each evening session for Community outreach and engagement for innovation and start-up development programs at GTU Innovation Council
04-10-2014 Report of a 2-day Workshop: Learning to Use Design Thinking & Design-Driven Innovation through solving Sanitation-related & other Social Challenges
04-10-2014 REPORT: GTU's MWTC at "S.T.B.S. College of Diploma Engineering, Surat organizes a One Day Workshop on Android
04-10-2014 REPORT: GTU's Community Innovation Co-Creation Centre (C-i-C3) organizes Arduino Day and GitHub Day - two one-day programs on 30th and 31st August 2014
02-10-2014 REPORT: Two students and one Faculty Member jointly conduct a workshop on Ideation Canvas, used in the subject of Design Engineering of 3rd Semester of BE and in designing the solution for the problem selected for the Final year project
22-09-2014 REPORT: Eight cultural programs in August 2014 at Parul campus
19-09-2014 Report: 4th Annual Leadership Excellence Summit organized by GTU-Centre for Business Ethics & CSR on 6th September 2014.
15-09-2014 REPORT: Start-up Analysis Workshop to learn the processes of converting a technology innovation /project in to a start-ups
15-09-2014 REPORT: S4 workshop on Legal Aspects for starting Start-ups
12-09-2014 Report on National Day Celebration of Malaysia, Uganda, Mexico and Brazil on 7th September, 2014
08-09-2014 Report: Virtual BAJA SAEINDIA 2015 hosted by GTU
08-09-2014 Report: Workshop on 'Use of Biochar in Agriculture & Pollution Control'.
08-09-2014 REPORT: Orientation sessions for IPR Fellows of 3rd year of degree engineering for organizing a continuous study of new patents at every college; These can be organized at their request for those colleges, which could not participate in the two sessions
08-09-2014 REPORT: Tie over Coffee with at GTU with Mr. P K Agarwal- TiE Global CEO
08-09-2014 REPORT: Two-Day Social Entrepreneurship Boot Camp of 23-24 Aug 2014
28-08-2014 Report - FDP on Quantitative Techniques for Scientific Research Using Statistical Software
28-08-2014 REPORT: Industrial visits by MBA students of Parul Institute of Management and Research by three groups led by Prof.Khyati Shah, Prof.Rajinder Kaur, Prof. J P Lamoria and Prof. Paresh Patel
19-08-2014 Congratulations to GTU students: Sanket Panchal and Sabyasachi Bhattacharya (from Parul Institute of Engineering and Technology) on winning a place in episode 5 of Power of Shunya, television show by ET now
19-08-2014 REPORT: 2nd Start-up Saturday at GTU-S4 on Getting CrowdFunding Right
19-08-2014 REPORT: Last day of the 4th week of GTU's Crowd-Funding boot-camp
13-08-2014 REPORT of a debate on the Role of Co-working space co-creation space for promoting Start-up culture
31-07-2014 REPORT: Learning Online Marketing; blogging through Tumblr, Word Press, and Google Blogger; Using web site, facebook page, linkedin profile and twitter for public reach out at 4th week of GTU's Crowd-Funding boot-camp
31-07-2014 Report of SPIPA Training held at GTU from 16-18, July, 2014
31-07-2014 REPORT: from GTU students studying at KSU, USA under the International Experience Program (IEP) of summer-2014; Our students go under IEP to Universities in USA, Canada and Germany for 6-8 weeks; The Faculty and students may note that in all these programs, we find that visits to industries are invariably woven into the programs
31-07-2014 REPORT: Launching of the projects prepared during the Crowd Funding Initiator on a CF paltform at an exciting function
31-07-2014 REPORT: 14 Business Faculty Members of Parul Institute of Management & Research go for industrial Training for two weeks; A commendable initiative by Dr P G K Murthy, Dean Business Studies at GTU and Director PIMR
28-07-2014 REPORT: S4 Startup Internship Program to give exposure of Start-up culture to young students
28-07-2014 REPORT: Ideation Workshop based on Design Thinking so that Final Year students become more creative
28-07-2014 REPORT of 24th July: Bridge Course started at GIT, Gandhinagar; A great start for the First Year students
25-07-2014 Report of Faculty Development Training Program On Digital Signal Processing - 20th June-2014,Digital Signal Processing - 27th June-2014,Analog System Design Using ASLK kit - 28th June-2014,Embedded system design using MSP430 - 30th June-2014
25-07-2014 "REPORT: Seminar on Shodh Yatra, IDP/UDP orientation, Basics of PSAR and PDE on 11th June 2014; All HODs may follow the lead taken by Civil Engineering Dept of SCET, Surat
17-07-2014 Report: RoundTable on 'Monetizing Mobile Apps' at GTU's Ahmedabad Campus on 14th June 2014
17-07-2014 REPORT: ISTE approved five-day Interdisciplinary Faculty Development Program ‘Jyot-2014’ at V.V.P Engineering College, Rajkot
17-07-2014 REPORT: GTU Workshop on Open Source for Embedded System Development on 5th July 2014
14-07-2014 REPORT: One day hands-on workshop on “Company Analysis”, organized by the S4 Extension Center at SVBIT, Gandhinagar
14-07-2014 REPORT: At CrowdFunding Initiator, students work on Brand building of their start-ups , on making effective pitch Video, on market feedback analysis and on strategy before going for crowd funding
10-06-2014 REPORT from the Open Source Technologies Club at VIT, Valia: 20 students, of 4th and 6th sem, pass exam of C, conducted by IITB’s Spoken Tutorial project
10-06-2014 REPORT from the Open Source Technologies Club at V.V.P Engineering College, Rajkot: LaTeX workshop for faculty members and PG students
10-06-2014 REPORT from the Open Source Technologies Club at OM Engineering College, Junagadh: 129 students participate in the Linux workshop by Mr.Malhar Jivrajani
19-05-2014 REPORT from the Open Source Technologies Club at Shree Swami Atmanand Saraswati Institute of Technology, Surat: 129 students pass the IIT Bombay tests of some of the Open Source Technologies
19-05-2014 REPORT: A one day workshop on “Instructional Workshop on Android” organized by the Mobile and Wireless Technology Club at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Technology, Vasad
19-05-2014 REPORT: Open Source Technologies Club at HJD Institute of Technical Education and Research, Kera – Katch helps use open source technologies in laboratory work in many subjects; This lead may be of interest to many polytechnics, degree engg colleges and MCA Institutes
19-05-2014 REPORT: Seminars for the final year BE students on Patent Drafting Exercise (PDE) organized at Babaria Institute of Technology – Baroda, Kankeshwaridevi Institute of Technology – Jamnagar, Bhagwan Mahavir College of Engineering and Technology-Surat, Ahmedabad Institute of Technology – Ahmedabad, Alpha College of Engineering and Technology (ACET)-Gandhinagar, C.K.Pithawalla College of Engineering & Technology- Surat
19-05-2014 REPORT: GTU OSTC at Shri S’ad Vidya Mandal Institute of Technology, Bharuch organizes 14 workshops in LaTeX, Linux, Scilab, & C/C++ on 3-5 Mar 2014 with 436 participants
14-05-2014 1st Phase report on MLCL project of GTU and DHBW Germany: An Analytical Study on Relative Impact and Objectivity of Different Media
12-05-2014 REPORT: Meeting of all the Sankuls of the Rajkot area at Atmiya Institute of Technology and Science in the presence of the Vice-Chancellor
12-05-2014 REPORT: Project Fair by E C Department of GEC, Bharuch
12-05-2014 REPORT: Development of a mobile application for making available information on the Notice Boards of GEC Bharuch on mobile phones with Android
12-05-2014 REPORT: Inauguration of the OSTC at Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology-MCA, Vadodara and organization of a Workshop on LINUX- UBUNTU
12-05-2014 REPORT: Inauguration of the OSTC at Anand Institute of Information Science, Anand and organization of a Workshop on PHP&MySql
12-05-2014 REPORT: Felicitation of Industrialists, who have accepted jointly 540 students of VVP Engg College, Rajkot for training at every week-end
19-04-2014 Report: Ethical Dilemmas in Corporate Governance: Lessons from Mahabharata
11-04-2014 A Report on HR Meet: Organized by GIDC Rajju Shroff ROFEL Institute of Management Studies (GRIMS), Vapi
10-04-2014 REPORT: Seminars for the final year BE students on Patent Drafting Exercise (PDE) organized at Dr. Jivraj Mehta Institute of Technology (DJMIT) – Mogar, Amiraj College Engineering and Technology - Khoraj, Sanand, LDRP Institute of Technology and Research, Gandhinagar
09-04-2014 REPORT: Inauguration of the OSTC at SVIT-Vasad and organization of a workshop on LATEX
09-04-2014 REPORT: National Day Celebrations of Mauritius and Bangladesh, a program by GTU's Post-graduate Research Center for Global Business Studies
07-04-2014 REPORT: Open Source Technologies Club (OSTC) at Om Engineering College, Junagadh, inaugurated with a workshop on 'Scilab' for fifty students; The College should prepare a calendar of OS workshops for all student
07-04-2014 REPORT: Open Source Technologies Club (OSTC) at Alpha College of Engineering & Technology Kalol, inaugurated with a workshop on 'C and C++' for 64 students of 4th semester of CE students; The Institute should prepare a calendar of OS workshops for the coming semester from Feb 2014 onwards for all students
31-03-2014   REPORT: from B. H. Gardi College of Engineering & Technology, Rajkot about the National Robocon- 2014, organized at MIT, Pune: Among the top 10 teams, The team from L.D. College of Engineering and the team from the Gardi College won the ranks 8 and 10 respectively. CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH THE TEAMS. Let us hope more Colleges will participate in the competition next year
18-02-2014 REPORT: 1st report regarding seminars for the final year BE students on Patent Drafting Exercise (PDE) organized at Veerayatan Group of Institutions – Mandvi, Kutch, Universal College of Engineering and Technology- Kalol and Shroff S.R. Institute of Chemical Technology - Vataria, Ankleshwar
18-02-2014 REPORT: Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on “Patent Drafting Exercise (PDE)” on Saturday, 8th March 2014 at GTU Chandkheda campus
18-02-2014 Report of -2nd Annual Alumni Meet of GTUAA organized on 8th Feb 2014
18-02-2014 REPORT:UDAN-2014, A Job Fair organized by Shri Ramkrishna Seva Mandal (SRKSM), Anand
18-02-2014 REPORT:Blood Donation Camp Organized by Faculty of Engg. Tech. & Research, Bardoli.
18-02-2014 REPORT: Workshop on Linux Karma from 6 feb,2014 to 9 Feb, 2014 organized by Alpha College of Engineering and Technology for CE/IT/EC students
06-01-2014 REPORT: Open Source Technologies Club (OSTC) at Babaria Institute of Technology Vadodara, inaugurated with a workshop on 'LaTeX' for fifty faculty members from all the departments of the Institute; The Institute should prepare a calendar of OS workshops for the coming semester from Jan 2014 onwards for all students
04-01-2014 Report On "Sensitize the Management and Teachers of Technical Institutes to Tackle the Menace of Sexual Crime against Women"
02-01-2014 Report: Faculty Development Programs of Software Project subject for MCA semester I and II for both Integrated Five Year MCA and regular MCA on 20th December 2013.
30-12-2013 REPORT: 55 Faculty members, associated with M Pharm programs in Colleges across the State participate in a Patent Search and Analysis workshop
30-12-2013 Gujarat Technological University in collaboration with C K Shah Vijapurwala institute of Management organized International Faculty development Program (iFDP) on dated october 25-26,2013
30-12-2013 REPORT: SPSS Workshop for GTU's Ph D scholars of Management, Engineering and Pharmacy
26-12-2013 Reports of Zonal Meeting : Zone-1 and 2 (Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar)      Zone - 3; Vallabh Vidhyanagar(Forenoon)  Zone - 3; Vallabh Vidhyanagar(Afternoon)    Zone -4 (Rajkot)   Zone -5 (Surat)
26-12-2013 REPORT: Vishwakarma Yojana: Presentation of Work of students in 68 villages to Sh Bhupendrasinhji Chudasma, Honourable Minister for Education
26-12-2013 REPORT: Discussion on the proposed National Entrepreneurship Policy at a S4-S4 meeting of young and budding entrepreneurs
24-12-2013 REPORT: Workshops on JAVA, LaTex and PHP & MySql at Gandhinagar Institute of Technology in October 2013, after inauguration of the OSTC Club on 27th Sept 2013
24-12-2013 REPORT: Open Source Technologies Club (OSTC) at Dr B B A Govt Polytechnic, Karad, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, inaugurated by the Additional Secretary, (Tech.Edn)/Director Education, in the presence of Dr. (Ms) J. B. Rana, the Principal (I/C) of the Institute; A workshop on 'Libre Office Suite Base' was organized; The Institute is to prepare a calendar of OS workshops for the coming semester from Jan 2014 onwards for all students
14-12-2013 REPORT: At the inaugural event of S4 Extension Center at Babaria Institute of Technology, Vadodara, eight CEOs came to the campus to inter-act with the students
13-12-2013 REPORT: UDISHA/ GTU Innovation Club Coordinators Workshop of 7th December 2013 for Framework Design
11-12-2013 Report: A One Day International Seminar on Sustainable Energy organized by Centre for Environment and Green Technologies and Indo-German Study Centre
09-12-2013 REPORT: S4 Extension Center established at Atmiya Institute of Technology & Science, Rajkot with a Start-up Demo Day
05-12-2013 REPORT: S4 Extension Center established at Marwadi Education Foundation Group of Institutions, Rajkot with 11 start-up CEOs and 650 students
05-12-2013 REPORT: S4 Extension Center at Parul Group of Institutes organizes a Start-up Factory Insomnia from 10.45 PM to 4.30 AM to test and develop a model for the process of entrepreneurial journey for young entrepreneurs
30-11-2013 REPORT of OSTC Club at Gardi College of Engg & Tech Rajkot: 35 students participate in the Advanced C++ workshop
30-11-2013 A Call to all UDISHA Club Coordinators and Training & Placement Officers: Participate in the One-day Workshop at 10 AM on Saturday, 7th December 2013
30-11-2013 REPORT: S4 Extension Center at Parul organizes a Start-up Factory Demo Day; Founders of six student start-ups showcased their journey towards becoming entrepreneurs
30-11-2013 Our students, from VVP Enggg College Rajkot,  to showcase their project today (30th Nov) at 6.30 PM and tomorrow (1st Dec) at 11.30 AM and 6 PM on ET Now, a TV channel
30-11-2013  REPORT: OSTC at AIT, Rajkot, which had been inaugurated on 22nd Aug 2013, organized a workshop on Scilab: 55 students participated under the leadership of Prof Ashish M Kothari


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