Subject Code, Teaching and Examination Scheme

BE First Year(Revised-18-07-11)   Sem-III         Sem-IV           Sem-V        Sem-VI
Sem-VII           Sem-VIII
Evaluation scheme of (Industry Defined Project or User Defined Projects) for 100 marks University Exam for 7th semester in B.E.
Standing Instruction - B.E. 8th Semester (Academic Year: 2011-12) UG Project Examination Guidelines
Suggestion for Evaluation of Projects (For Internal & External Examiners)

BE Semester Wise Exam Scheme & Subject Code

Aeronautical Engineering (01) Automobile Engineering (02)
Bio-Medical Engineering (03) Bio-Technology(04)
Chemical Engineering (05) Civil Engineering (06)
Computer Engineering (07) Electrical & Electronics Engineering (08)
Electrical Engineering (09) Electronics Engineering (10)
Electronics & Communication Engineering (11) Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering (12)
Environmental Engineering (13) Food Processing & Technology (14)
Industrial Engineering (15) Information Technology (16)
Instrumentation & Control Engineering (17) Marine Engineering (18)
Mechanical Engineering (19) Mechatronics Engineering (20)
Metallurgy Engineering (21) Mining Engineering (22)
Plastic Technology (23) Power Electronics (24)
Production Engineering (25) Rubber Technology (26)
Textile Processing (28) Textile Technology (29)
Computer Sceince & Engineering (31) Information & Communication Technology (32)
Manufacturing Engineering(34) Environmental Science & Technology(35)
Chemical Technology(36) Environmental Science & Engineering(37)
B.Arch Sem I to VI   Sem -VII  Sem-VIII to X
B.Pharm Sem-I        Sem-II         Sem-III        Sem-IV        Sem-V        Sem-VI     
Sem-VII     Sem-VIII   
B.Pharm (NEW) Sem I to VIII
M.Pharm Sem-I        Sem-II(Updated)(w.e.f Jan 2012)   Sem-II OLD      Sem-III(July 2013)        Sem-IV(Updated)        Sem IV (w.e.f Jan 2014)
D.Pharm Part I        Part II        
PDDC Sem-I                        Sem-II           Sem-III          Sem-IV         Sem-V     Sem-VI(Revised - 13-07-2012)      Sem-VII      Sem-VIII
ME Sem-I (14-9-10)        Sem-II(Revised-24-08-2011)           Sem-III(Revised -24-08-2011)              Sem-IV
Sem-I Sem-I (w.e.f. 4th August,2011)
Sem-II Sem-III
Sem-IV Sem-IV - Fire Technology  
Sem-V (Revised) Sem-V (w.e. f 18th July,2011)
Fire Technology             Sem -V                                Sem-VI
Sem-VI(Revised in Branch 23- Date 25-03-11)
Sem -VI with Project -II (w.e. f. Jan 2012)(Revised)

Sem- VI Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering With Project - II(Revised-feb 2012)  (Revised)

Sem -VI Mechanical Engg. With Project - II(w.e.f Jan 2012)
Sem - VII(Corrected)                     Sem -VIII
 DLM Sem -VII Scheme  DLM Sem -VIII Scheme
Evaluation scheme of (Industry Defined Project / User Defined Projects) for 100 marks University Exam for 5th semester in D.E.

IDP (Industry Defined Project),UDP (User Defined Project) Evaluation Guidelines for Diploma Engineering, Sem-VI
DARCH Sem I-IV          Sem V-VI   DA300001
MBA Sem-I-II                         Sem-III            Sem -IV(Revised-07-05-11)
NEW MBA Sem- I-II            Sem-III    Sem-III(w.e.f 2013-14)    Sem-IV (w.e.f 2013-14)
MBA(Eve.) Sem-I-II      Sem-III            Sem -IV             Sem -V             Sem -VI
MAM Sem I-VIII     Sem - IX-X
MTM Sem III-VIII     Sem - IX-X    Sem -XI
MPM Sem-III -VIII    Sem - IX-X
MCA Sem-I-II (Revised -01/01/2011)    Sem-III        Sem -IV       Sem -IV w.e.f. (January 2012)       Sem -V(Revised 06-07-2011)     Sem -V (w.e.f  June 2012)     Sem - VI
Evaluation scheme of (Industry Defined Project / User Defined Projects) for 50 marks for 5th semester of MCA Students
NEW MCA Sem- I-II    Sem- III-IV  Sem- V
NEW MCA(2016-17) Sem 1 and 2(same as w.e.f 2012)    Sem-1(New wef 2017-18)  Sem 3(w.e.f 2016)   Sem-4    Sem - 5
Integrated MCA  Sem I & II    Sem III & IV    Sem - V   Sem - VI   Sem- VII  Sem- VIII   Sem -IX
Note - The marks scored by student in the Practical Component/Continuous Evaluation Component (I) will not be counted for calculating SPI/CPI, but it will be converted into appropriate Grade. However it will be reflected in SPI/CPI in the final year of the course where an external examination for the Practical Component/Continuous Evaluation Component (I) will be conducted.
Mid-Sem examination (M) as well as the Remedial Mid-Sem examination can be conducted by the respective institutes according to their convince during the particular semester, preferably on Saturdays/Sundays.



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