Degree Engineering (Rem-Mar/Apr-10), Sem-I
30-Mar-10 110011-Physics                110001-Chemistry
31-Mar-10 110002-Communication Skills
01-Apr-10 110003-Computer Programming and Utilization
03-Apr-10 110004-Elements of Civil Engineering
05-Apr-10 110005-Elements of Electrical Engineering
06-Apr-10 110006-Elements of Mechanical Engineering
07-Apr-10 110007-Environmental Studies
08-Apr-10 110008-Maths-I
09-Apr-10 110010-Mechanics of Solids
10-Apr-10 110013-Engineering Graphics
30-Mar-10 X10001-Mathematics-I
31-Mar-10 X10002-Computer Programming & Utilization
01-Apr-10 X10601-Building And Town Planning
03-Apr-10 X10602-Engineering Geology
05-Apr-10 X10901-Elements Of Electrical Engineering
06-Apr-10 X11101-Basic Electronics
07-Apr-10 X11102-Elements Of Mechanical And Structural Engineering
08-Apr-10 X11901-Strength Of Materials
09-Apr-10 X11902-Engineering Thermodynamics
Degree Engineering (Rem-Mar-10), Sem-III
09/03/10 AM 130001- Mathematics
09/03/10 PM 130401-Introductory Biology
130505-Chemical Process Industries - I
131101-Basic Electronics
131301-Environmental Science - I
131401-Food Chemistry
131901-Electrical Machines And Electronics
132601-Basic Rubber Science
132801-Textile Design And Colour
132902-Yarn Manufacturing - I
10/03/10 AM 130402-Cell Biology
130502-Fluid Flow Operation
130604-Structural Analysis - I
130702-Data And File Structure
130901-Circuits And Networks
131302-Environmental Microbiology
131402-Basic Food Microbiology
131904-Material Science And Metallurgy
132101-Material Science And Metallurgy
132202-Mine Development
132301-Introduction To Plastic Material Science
132602-Rubber Technology
132901-Textile Fibers
10/03/10 PM 130102-Chemistry For Aeronautical Engg.
130404-Organic Chemistry And Unit Processes
130501-Organic Chemistry And Unit Processes
130603-Building And Town Planning
130701-Digital Logic Design
130902-Analog And Digital Electronics
131304-Basics Of Structural Engineering
131403-Food Engineering Transport Phenomenon
131902-Machine Design & Industrial Drafting
132201-Introduction To Mining
132802-Elements Of Textile Technology And Processing
132903-Weaving - I
11/03/10 AM 130101-Fluid Mechanics
130301-Life Science - I
130403-Basic Biochemistry
130504-Process Calculation
130602-Fluid Mechanics
130703-Database Management System
130904-Electrical Machines - I
131404-Food Engineering Thermodynamics
131701-Electrical Machines
132001-Industrial Drafting
132102-Metallurgical Thermodynamics
132302-Manufacturing Of Plastic Materials - I
132401-Basic Power Systems Engineering
132603-Thermodynemics Of Elastomers And Polymers
132803-Scouring And Bleaching - I
132904-Textile Processing - I
11/03/10 PM 130103-Analysis Of Mechanism & Machine Elements
130605-Concrete Technology
130704-Computer Organization And Architecture
130903-Electrical And Electronics Measuring Instruments
131303-Ecology And Remote Sensing
131405-Introduction To Food Processing Technology
131601-Business Information System
131903-Manufacturing Process - I
132103-Mineral Processing
132203-Geology - I
132804-Polymer Chemistry
132905-Basic Engineering In Textile
12/03/10 AM 130104-Introduction Of Profession
132805-Organic Chemistry