Diploma Engineering, Sem-I

18/01/2010 310001-Advertising and Communication 310007-Business Communication I
310010-Ceramic Materials 310011-Clothing Construction- I
310023-Electronic Materials & Components 310024-Elementary Clothing & Textiles
310026-Elements of Textile Processing 310027-Elements of Textile Technology
310028-Elements of Textile Technology 310030-Engineering Mechanics
310036-Physical, Analytical & Inorganic Chemistry  
20/01/2010 310005-Basic Design & Colour 310025-Elementary Home Management
310031-Essentials of Environment & Seismic Engineering 310037-Principles and Practice of Accounting
310046-Sketching and Drawing 310047-Computer Application – I
22/01/2010 310004-Art & Design 310009-Business Organization and Management
310012-Colour 310014-Communication Skill- I
310015-Communication Skills 310016-Communication Skills
310017-Communication Skill -I  
25/01/2010 310006-Building Material- I 310019-Computer-I
310034-Mathematics-I 310039- Textile Science
28/01/2010 310013-Communication Skill 310033-Fundamentals of Electronic
30/01/2010 310002-Applied Science-I [Physics] 310022-Drawing Sketching & Painting–I
310032-First Aid & Home Nursing 310035-Personality Development & Communication Skills
310038-Principles of Economics I 310045-Object Drawing
02/02/2010 310008-Business Mathematics 310020-Cooking Methods
310029-Engineering Drawing