ME Semester-I January - 2010

Rem. Exam Apr-10
18/01/2010 710001-Communication & Research Skills


20/01/2010 710101-Service Oriented Architecture


710201-Computer Algorithm 06/04/2010
710301-Control Engineering  
710401-Statistical Signal Analysis 06/04/2010
710701-Power System Modeling & Simulation 06/04/2010
710801-Advanced Machine Design 06/04/2010
710901-Theory Of Elasticity 06/04/2010
711001-Cryogenic Fundamentals  
711101-Advanced Thermodynamics And Heat Transfer  
711201-Advanced Fluid Mechanics 06/04/2010
711301-Urban Transportation Systems Planning 06/04/2010
711401-Construction Management 06/04/2010
711501-Matrix Analysis Of Framed Structures 06/04/2010
711601-Advanced Thermodynamics  
711801-Air Pollution Control And Management 06/04/2010
711901-Modeling, Analysis & Simulation  
712001-Advanced Structural Analysis 06/04/2010
712101-Applied Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer 06/04/2010
22/01/2010 710102-Quantum Computing & Algorithm Analysis  
710202-Advanced Computer Graphics 07/04/2010
710302-Advance Microcontroller 07/04/2010
710402-Information Theory And Coding 07/04/2010
710702-Advanced Power Electronics 07/04/2010
710802-Computer Aided Machine Design 07/04/2010
710902-Dynamics Of Machinery 07/04/2010
711002-Vacuum Engineering  
711102-Fundamentals Of  I.C Engine And Automobile 07/04/2010
711202-Hydrology & Watershed Management 07/04/2010
711302-Traffic Engineering -1 07/04/2010
711402-Construction Techniques  
711502-Structural Dynamics And Earthquake Engineering 07/04/2010
711602-Advanced Kinetics & Reaction Engineering  
711802-Industrial Wastewater Management  
711902-Traffic Engineering & Field Studies  
712002-Structural Dynamics 07/04/2010
712102-Advanced Refrigeration  
25/01/2010 710103-Distributed Operating System 08/04/2010
710203-Information Theory And Coding 08/04/2010
710303-Pid Controller 08/04/2010
710403-Asic Design 08/04/2010
710703-Modern Control System 08/04/2010
710803-Computer Aided Production Management 08/04/2010
710903-Engineering Optimization 08/04/2010
711003-Advanced Refrigeration 08/04/2010
711103-Fluid Mechanics And Gas Dynamics  
711203-Design Of Hydraulic Structures  
711303-Highway Materials And Construction 08/04/2010
711403-Stastistical And Numerical Analysis 08/04/2010
711503-Advanced Solid Mechanics  
711603-Computerized Process Control  
711803-Municipal And Hazardous Solid Waste Management  
711903-Highway Materials & Testing  
712003-Theory Of Elasticity & Stability  
712103-Fluid Mechanics & Gas Dynamics 08/04/2010
27/01/2010 710104-Information Security (Elective)  
710206-Wireless Computer Networks (Elective) 09/04/2010
710309-Industrial Data Communication (Elective)  
710404-Image Processing (Elective) 09/04/2010
710418-Satellite Communication (Elective) 09/04/2010
710422-Digital Signal Processing And Applications (Elective) 09/04/2010
710707-Modern Power System Protection (Power Group) (Elective) 09/04/2010
710807-Advanced Materials And Processes (Elective)  
710808-Material Science And Materials (Elective) 09/04/2010
710906-Robust Design (Elective) 09/04/2010
711006-Cryogenic Heat Exchanger (Elective)  
711107-Automobile Refrigeration & A/C (Elective)  
711205-Hydro Power Engineering (Elective)  
711206-Remote Sensing And Its Applications (Elective)  
711305-Statistics And Optimization Techniques (Elective)  
711406-Construction Finance & Accounting (Elective)  
711507-Numerical Methods (Elective)  
711508-Prestresssed Concrete (Elective) 09/04/2010
711606-Energy And Mass Integration (Cad Group) (Elective)  
711607-Polymer Science & Synthesis Of Polymers (Polymer Group) (Elective)  
711806-Water And Waste Water Treatment Technologies (Elective)  
711906-Airport Planning And Design (Elective)  
712007-Prestressed Concrete 09/04/2010
29/01/2010 710205-Internet Technology (Int.Elective) 10/04/2010
710305-Programmable Logic Controller (Int. Elective)  
710409-Embedded System Design 10/04/2010
710706-Energy Management (Elective) 10/04/2010
710806-Mechanical Engineering For Mechatronics (Elective)  
710904-Optimization Techniques (Int. Elective)  
711004-Elements Of Cryogenic Engineering (Elective)  
711104-Modeling, Simulation & Computer Application (Elective)  
711204-Water Resources Engineering (Elective)  
711304-Basics Of Transportation Engineering (Elective) 10/04/2010
711404-Disaster Management (Elective)  
711506-Basics Of Reinforced Concrete And Masonry Construction (Elective)  
711605-Cleaner Production In Chemical Industries (Elective)  
711804-Environmental Impact Assessment (Elective) 10/04/2010
712105-Cryogenic Heat Exchangers (Major Elective 1) 10/04/2010
712106-Modeling Simulation & Computer Application (Int. Elective)