Diploma Engineering, Sem-III

19/01/2010 330001-Human Resource Management
21/01/2010 330201-Thermodynamics & Hydraulics 330501-Fluid Flow Operation
330601-Surveying - I 330701-Data Structure Management
330902-Basic Electronics 331101-Electronics Devices And Circuits - II
331905-Manufacturing Engineering - I 332102-Physical Metallurgy - I
332301-Polymer Chemistry-I 332801-Technology Of Bleaching & Finishing - I
332901-Yarn Manufacturing Technology - I 335001-Building Construction - I
335102-The Technology Of Clothing 335201-Advance Chemistry
335304-Reproduction Method 335401-Business Communication
335501-Mechanical Technology 335601-Traditional & Fancy Cookery
335801-Graphic Design 335901-History Of Textile Design & Aesthetics. - II
23/01/2010 330202-Manufacturing Process & Material Technology 330502-Process Heat Transfer
330602-Hydraulics 331102-Digital Electronics
331902-Thermodynamics 332103-Non Ferrous Metal Production Metallurgy
332201-Mining - I 332302-Fundamentals Of Fabrication Technology
332802-Technology Of Dyeing - I 332902-Weaving Technology - I
335003-Architectural Drawing - III 335103-Family Clothing
335202-Pottery - I 335402-Financial Accounting-II
335502-Materials & Metallurgy 335602-Introduction To Interior Design
335802-Reproduction Technique 335904-Textile Process - II
27/01/2010 330203-Automobile Engines 330301-Data Communication & Networking
330503-Industrial Stoichiometry 330603-Mechanics Of Structure - I
330702-Programming In C++ 330904-Generation & Transmission Of Electrical Power
331103-Electronics Networks & Lines 331701-Transducers & Telemetry
331903-Materials Technology 332104-Fuel Furnace & Refractories
332202-Mining Geology - I 332303-Design Fundamentals Of Moulds
332803-Technology Of Printing - I 332903-Fabric Structure - I
335004-History Of Architecture - I 335203-Refractory - I
335403-Financial Management 335503-Welding Technology - 1
335603-Home Science Education Extention 335803-Image Carrier
335905-Fabric Design - II  
29/01/2010 330204-Automobile Transmission & Mechanism 330302-Human Biology
330504-Chemical Process Technology-I 330604-Construction Technology
330703-Data Base Management System 330903-Electrical Machine - I
331104-Communication Engineering - I 331301-Materials & Construction
331702-Basic Control System 331904-Strength Of Materials
332105-Metal Forming & Powder Metallurgy 332203-Mining Machinery - I
332304-Plastics Materials 332904-Elements Of Garment Technology
335005-Structure - I 335204-Glass - I
335404-Secretarial Practice 335504-Fabrication Technology - 1
335604-General Science 335804-Printing Processes
01/02/2010 330205-Automobile Electrical System 330303-Biomedical Transducer
330605-Materials Technology 331302-Environmental Science
331901-Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics Machines 332305-Injection Moulding Technology
335205-Drying And Firing 335405-Computer -III
336001-Highway Material & Testing  
03/02/2010 310031-EOE